Vape South America Expo 2019


Peru’s First Vape Convention

October 19th & 20th / Lima, Peru


Upcoming Vape Expo in Lima, Peru 🇵🇪

Vape South America Expo Peru 2019 - Attend the first ever vape expo in Peru. We’ve hosted vape events around the world, and we want to go big in Peru. Sample products and network with 100+ vape brands, manufacturers and distributors from around the world. Enjoy your experience at Vape South America 2019 by participating in our clouds & trick comps, giveaways and more.


Vape South America: Peru 2019

Venue: Domos Art, Peru
Costa Verde, San Miguel 15086, Peru

Starts: Sat, Oct 19, 2019 1:00 - 8:00 PM
Ends: Sun, Oct 20, 2019 12:00 - 7:00 PM

General Admission Ticket: $0.00 / FREE
Business Only Ticket: $0.00 / FREE

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Attend Expo Vape Peru 2019

Vape South America Peru 2019 is being held at Domos Art Peru. Lima is the largest city, as well as the capital of Peru. Experience many tourist attractions and activities in the city during your trip.


Why Attend Vape South America?

We work hard to make sure our attendees and exhibitors have the best possible experience at our Vape South America Expo events. There will be many activities, places get food and things to do within the vape event. Below are some of the highlights you can expect at Vape South America 2019 in Lima Peru.


Live DJ & Entertainment

Enjoy music by our DJ and live performances from local artists. We will also have our exhibitors do giveaways, and have advocacy groups speak about the industry.

Free Giveaways

Get the chance win free eJuices, t-shits, hats and other vape gear from our exhibitors. We will give stage time to sponsors and sometimes they give out free stuff!

Cloud & Trick Comps

Show off your vape skills by competing in our cloud competitions and trick competitions at the show. We will be giving cash prizes, eJuices and vape gear to the winners.

About Vape South America

Vape South America is an annual Central and South American vape convention organized by Our Company hosts vaping expo events in countries around the world. Our goal is to grow and expand the vaping industry and its unique culture in areas where there is a high demand for tobacco alternatives, as well as areas that haven't yet been exposed to electronic cigarettes. This gives vape brands and vendors that attend our vape expo the opportunity to expand their business and be first to market internationally.


 The Years Largest International Vape Expo

Attend Vape South America 2019 in Lima, Peru and be apart of the largest international vape expo of the year.
Join 1000’s of business owners, consumers and exhibitors from around the world.


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Our company is an international trade show organization that hosts vaping expos/vape conventions in countries around the world. Our goal is to grow the vape industry and its culture in areas with a high demand for tobacco alternative products, as well as areas that haven't yet been exposed to these products. This gives our exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to expand their business and be first to market.